Flea Bites on Children

Flea Bites on Children

Flea bites are more common in children as compared to adults, because their immunity system is weak.

Children are especially susceptible to flea bites because they are closer to the ground, and the bites may be more serious on them than on adults because their immune system is weaker. It isn’t uncommon to see their entire legs covered with flea bites. The risk of a skin infection is higher, because children usually can’t stop scratching, so you should check the bites daily to see if there’s any sign of infection.

Fleas are harmful insects that are small in size and survive on blood. Usually, fleas infest the pets of your house first and then attack small children. These parasitic insects have sharp jaws which is pierced into the human or animal skin; and the blood is sucked out. Their saliva contains an anticoagulant which they inject into the blood to prevent its clotting and then they suck it out to quench their thirst. This anticoagulant is harmful and causes several infections.

Characteristics of Flea Bites on Children:

Fleas do not bite children just once but many times, as they move around restlessly all over the skin. This results in numerous small, red bumps on the skin surface. When you look at them closely, you will find a red halo around each bump and a tiny hole at its center. It is through this hole that the fleas suck out blood from human body.

Usually, these bumps are mostly found in clusters on the lower part of the legs and around the waist where clothing is tight. Constant itchiness is felt on these bumps for many days.

At times, the itching sensation becomes so severe that children end up breaking the skin and bleeding occurs from them. If this wound is attacked by any bacteria, it can lead to serious skin infections. Apart from the itching, irritation, and skin infection; fleas can also be responsible for transmission of serious diseases as they move from one host to another. Diseases, like, murine typhus and bubonic plague get transmitted by fleas. There are certain fleas that can even transmit larvae of tapeworms.

The best first aid for flea bites on children is to cover their bitten arms and legs with cloths – it will prevent them from scratching, and provide some kind of relief.

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