Effects of cat fleas on humans

Effects of cat fleas on humans

First of all, we have to be clear on one thing: if the fleas have decided to check you out, then it’s the sign of a serious flea infestation in your house. Cat fleas and dog fleas would rather stay on their original host, and they will only start attacking and feeding on the human host if there is not enough of the original animal host, and they get desperate – they do need to suck blood to survive, see Flea life cycle. So take the little bites on your skin very seriously, and immediately take steps to get rid of fleas in your house.

Second – cat fleas are almost always the ones that invade our homes, our pets (cats, dogs, rabbits…) and finally us. Adult cat flea usually has reddish-brown color, and, as other fleas, is a thin insect that is hard to find in an animal’s coat. They may be responsible for disease transmission through humans – among others, bubonic plague and murine typhus.

Cat fleas will bite humans, but they do not live on the human body. They will bite the hands and body when handling pets or pet bedding, but the most common place for flea bites are the feet and lower legs. There are usually many more fleas living on carpets and pet bedding than on the pets themselves; they will jump up and bite people as they come close.

If cat fleas are removed from their animal host or if that host proves an insufficient food source, cat fleas often will bite humans on the lower legs, leaving round, red spots. Today, most cat flea bites result in minor itchiness and discomfort on humans.

After receiving a flea bite, if possible refrain from scratching the affected area. Calamine lotion and anesthetic creams can be used to address itching, while ice packs lessen swelling caused by a cat flea bite. To reduce risk of infection, wash the cat flea bites with antiseptic soap. Antihistamines may also be administered.

Some individuals may experience allergic reactions when bitten by a cat flea. Symptoms of an allergy include excessive itching and secondary infections. Individuals experiencing allergic reactions should stay away from infected areas and pets until treatment proves effective.

If symptoms are more severe, a doctor should be contacted immediately. A medical professional should also be consulted if you suspect that a cat flea bite has become infected.

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