Dog fleas on humans

Dog fleas on humans

These aren’t picky either, and will as easily jump from Rex to Garfield or you, if Rex becomes too small for them. As well as cat fleas, they also prefer their “normal” host and rather wouldn’t live nor breed on humans. If they decide to suck your blood, it is possible that it only happens during the night (when you sleep), and will jump back to their host right after they finish. They do not carry human diseases, but they can carry tapeworms that infect dogs.

Although it is not very common, dog fleas (known as Ctenocephalides Canis) can sometimes affect humans. If you are wondering, can dog fleas live on humans? The short answer is no. Fleas will not use humans as a breeding vessel like they do with dogs. They will however, bite and feed on human blood like little vampires. Fleas prefer to live in quiet, dark areas such as carpets and blankets, and then come out to feed when they feel necessary.

Fleas can take over a household. They will hide in fabrics, bedding, pillows, carpets and of course, a dog. Although fleas do prefer a dog as their host, they will sometimes use a human as the next best feeding ground. Surprisingly, even households with no pets can occasionally be a environment for fleas on humans. However, most times they are the type of fleas who seek out humans to begin with.

Fleas from dogs will generally bite around the ankles or lower legs. These will itch like a mosquito bite, especially if you have an allergy. Dog fleas are not as risky as those types which purposely seek out human flesh (these are called Pulex irritans, and will usually be found on the head, much like lice.)

If you are bitten by a dog flea, the area will be red and there may be a little bump. The more you itch, the worse it will get. You may scan the area on your skin for little mites, but keep in mind, they only bite to feed then return to their breeding ground.

Just so you don’t get alarmed by this: chances that a flea will decide to move on to you are less than 5%, and only if you are living in an extremely dirty environment or if the flea infestation in your house has become really serious.

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